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Hey, I'm Maddy, I'm English and I'm a makeup artist.
"To die would be an awfully big adventure", but books shall suffice for now.

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why is James spelled with an s. why is it plural. more than 1 Jame. how many James.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses (x)

Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses (x)

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I T   I S   T I M E

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hey guys ! i’ll be hosting a lovely weekly giveaway for MatchWigs ! MatchWigs sells really great and high quality wigs and they just recently added hundreds of new items to their online store. you’ll have to chance to win one free 30$ voucher for a wig with this giveaway !


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"It’s very nice to meet you too." 

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my latest masterpiece


my latest masterpiece

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its october you guys!

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What You Crave vs What You Need

  • Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
  • Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
  • Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
  • Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
  • Cookies: Freudian psychology.
  • Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
  • Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
  • Ice: The sweet release of death.

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When a financial institution asks me my “mother’s maiden name” as a security question. Because it’s assumed that I have at least one and no more than one mother in my life AND that she married AND that she gave up her own name AND that that part of her identity was erased enough from my public history so as to be a password to access my private information.

Holy crap, I never realized.

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i feel like once you were emo in middle school youre low key emo for the rest of your life, like you could be 20 in the middle of college wearing uggs or whatever but once you hear the first key to the black parade/i write sins/sugar we’re going down you sprout an imaginary fringe and start yelling your lungs out like its 2007 all over again

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stitch     dumbo    lumpy roo        piglet     eeyorepooh      tigger     mickeyminnie   donald     pinocchio

stitch     dumbo    lumpy 
roo piglet eeyore
pooh tigger mickey
minnie donald pinocchio

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Today begins LGBT History Month! Let’s celebrate our victories, remember our roots, and never stop making history.

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